American Brine Shrimp web sites mainly supply brine shrimp eggs (Artemia Cysts) and fish food to aquaculture wholesalers and distributors worldwide. We offer brine shrimp eggs that are harvested 100% from the Great Salt Lake (GSL) located in Utah, USA.

We also provide brine shrimp eggs and fish feeds to tropical, freshwater, and saltwater aquarium enthusiasts. We offer our "low price guarantee" to fish breeders and hobbyists nationwide. We want to be your #1 choice for all your aquarium fish feed needs!

Since the Great Salt Lake is rich in nutritious algae and diatoms, our brine shrimp eggs have the highest repetitive quality and nutritional profile found in brine shrimp eggs. Our select feeds are also high quality feeds made up of the highest quality ingredients to entice even the most finicky fish.

American Brine Shrimp web sites are a subdivision of Artemac (USA) LLC, located in Ogden, Utah, USA. We supply the highest quality feeds the first time to support the health and growth of your fish. We also supply many other related products and many items that are hard or difficult to find feeds for freshwater and marine needs. Your satisfaction is our goal, guaranteed!!