GULP PELLETS “Slow sinking” (Small 1.5mm)


GULP PELLETS “Slow sinking” (Small 1.5mm)

There is nothing else easier to feed your fish than the pellets food.  Pellets are not messy as other foods, and excess food that is not eaten is easy to remove simply with a net.  10-12 months shelf life, depending upon storage conditions.

These Slow sinking pellets for your hungry Cichlids, Discus, Koi or Goldfish and other live bearing fish, especially designed for the bottom feeding and all day feeding or for your weekend away vacation, if your fish over feed, this pellet will develop to soft dough after 24 hours your fish will consume the next day. These pellets contain the finest ingredients, high quality fish meal, spirulina, essential fats, vitamins and minerals.  Cichlids will show their best coloration while maintaining optimum health.  Feed once daily.

Content Analysis:  protein 55%, Fat 15%, Fiber 6% and Moisture 7%