• *80-85% TINY BRINE SHRIMP EGGS* (San Francisco Strain) SINGLE-CAN (15 oz)


    TINY BRINE SHRIMP EGGS (San Francisco Strain) 80-85%

    These small brine shrimp eggs are about 20% smaller than the Utah (GSL)  eggs and are harvested near San Francisco Bay salt ponds.  These cysts are 100% Artemia franciscana with approximately 350,000 cysts per gram. These eggs are high in quality, but smaller for fish with this dietary need.

    • 80-85% hatchability guaranteed with 24 hour incubation period
    • 300,000 nauplii/gram dry eggs (baby brine shrimp)
    • Nauplii size: 400 microns
    • ***Excellent Separation***